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About DigiTrade Printing

We’re glad you found us and are excited at the prospect of doing business with you in the near future!

DigiTrade Printing’s digital print facility is located in Madison Heights, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. We specialize in multipage documents ranging from 8 to over 300 pages. We offer saddle stitched, perfect bound, plastic coil, and wire-o binding. You have found a truly unique trade printing partner for your multipage printing needs.

Our unique advantages over other online trade printers include:

Spend more, save more. Once enrolled in our trade printing program, you become eligible for higher discounts depending on your total print spending with us:

Up to $10,000 10%
$10,000–$20,000 15%
$20,000–$30,000 20%
Over $30,000 25%

100% satisfaction guarantee: The ultimate judge of whether we have done a good job is you (and your client), not us. So if for any reason you are not 100% happy with your trade print job, all you need to do is let us know and we will make it right. We will either reprint your job at no cost to you or refund your entire purchase price at our discretion. No questions, no hassle. How can we afford to do this? Our quality and service are so good that rarely do we have to refund an order.

Low minimum quantities: At DigiTrade Printing, you can order as few as 25 copies of our multipage products. And you can order in increments of 1 copy. So if your client needs 76 copies, you can order 76 copies not 250 copies. And because we are digital trade printers with much lower set-up costs, we won’t charge you an arm and a leg when you order low quantities.

Great prices: We routinely review our competitors’ trade printing prices to make sure our pricing is competitive. That may not be such a great idea because our wholesale printing prices are so much lower than our competitors’ prices that we are often tempted to raise our prices (sometimes substantially). But we are so committed to providing a quality product at a fair price that we would never do that. And we will never nickel and dime you in other areas. Want a PDF proof of your job? No charge. Need to send a new file? No charge. Need to cancel your order before we start printing? No charge. Need to rush printing? Okay, there is a charge for rush printing, but it is a reasonable charge. We know you wouldn’t ask unless you had to, so DigiTrade Printing keeps the rush charge reasonable (15% extra for 3 day instead of 4 day processing, 25% extra for 2 day processing, 40% extra for 1 day processing, and 100% extra for same day processing). Please check with us before ordering same day processing to make sure we can get it done that day.

Quick turnaround times: Our turnaround times are 4 business days after proof approval for multipage documents. Need it faster? No problem. We only charge 15% extra for 3 day instead of 4 day processing, 25% extra for 2 day processing, 40% extra for 1 day processing, and 100% extra for same day processing. Between print processing times and UPS delivery times, not sure if your job will reach you on time? As part of our trade printing ordering process, we will ask you when you need your print job to reach you. If your job won’t reach you on time based on the options you selected, we will let you know and suggest the most economical way to get the job to you on time. It may be sending your order via 2nd day or overnight UPS service or it may be to shorten the processing time on your order. If it’s humanly possible to do, we will make sure your order gets to you on time.

Outstanding print quality: In this day and age, the quality of digital printing can rival and even surpass the quality of traditional printing. Our trade printing clients routinely tell us that they are impressed and amazed by the quality of our digital trade printing. But don’t take our word for it. Request our trade printing sample package and see for yourself. We think you’ll be impressed.

Innovative pricing calculators: We don’t know about you, but when we visit our competitors’ websites, we get frustrated by how difficult it is to get pricing for the exact product that you want printed. Most of our trade printing competitors don’t offer all of the binding options that we offer (perfect binding, plastic coil, and wire-o binding are rare) or only offer limited pages in a document (44 pages seems popular for saddle stitch and 100 pages for perfect bound). At DigiTrade Printing, you can order anywhere from 8 to over 300 pages. Our calculators let you input the exact number of copies you want (go ahead, ask for 89 copies, our calculators can handle it!), the exact number of pages you want (yes, you can order 123 pages), and then let you decide on binding style and paper choices for the cover and inside pages. Change the number of copies, get instant pricing. Change the paper used on the cover, get instant pricing. Change the number of pages, get instant pricing. We worked hard on these calculators, and we’re really proud of the options we can offer and how easy it is for you to see pricing by making a few selections. And if by chance you can’t find exactly what you want to order, send us an email and help@digitradeprinting.com and we will get pricing to you in 1 business day. Need a price quote faster? Chat with us online and we will get you pricing right away.

Phenomenal customer service: We are here to serve the trade printing industry, and we take our jobs seriously. Real people answer our phones during business hours to help ensure you can get your questions answered promptly. And real employees are involved with online chats. Once you place an order, you will be assigned your own customer service rep, who will assist you with all your questions and concerns. Your rep will make sure your order is handled quickly and efficiently. We will do our best to not only meet your expectations—we will try to exceed your expectations.

DigiTrade Printing looks forward to working with you on your trade printing orders.

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